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Hello to Amazing new Printer Technology
Hello to the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series printers include breakthrough technology for professionals obsessed with beautiful prints. We have reset the bar in 17, 24, 44 and 60 inches wide with rich, detailed, brilliant color. These are the printers that are equally obsessed.

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Startling Beauty
In The Flow

Anti-clogging technology is designed to eliminate white lines for consistently high quality prints. Ink ejection conditions are precisely checked with sensors, and when a blockage is detected, another nozzle automatically provides backup and compensates to provide a smooth, even flow of ink.

In addition to reducing the possibility of printing failures due to banding, this also reduces the frequency at which head cleaning is required. By reducing unnecessary head cleaning you save valuable inks.


Engineered with 18,432 nozzles and sensors that continuously monitor status and deliver optimum results.

Smart Nozzle Technology
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Feed The Vision
Feed Imagination

Witness the beauty of intuitive user interface advances with our powerful new plug-in software. Customize and save multiple printing parameters and then recall those settings on-the-fly for finely tuned consistency. Save time, ink, paper, and place the focus on your prints, not set up.

Canon-in, Canon-out now has greater appeal because a contrast reproduction function in combination with the Digital Lens Optimizer (included in Digital Photo Professional) prints sharp, high-definition images without losing any of the qualities present when the image was photographed.

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Deep Blacks
Detailed Graduations

With 11-color inks, including a newly formulated blue and magenta, plus the Chroma Optimizer ink, produce superior printouts on which dark blue areas are clearly defined to express your printed photography with the power of nuance.

Achieve a wider color gamut and richer details in darker shadowed areas for the finest details in nightscapes and sunsets. Also change media types from glossy to fine art paper seamlessly with a dedicated nozzle for Matte Black and Photo Black.

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Hold the Line

The Air Feeding System prevents each page from skewing and improves the precision of ink droplet placement. A series of openings located on top of the platen vacuum-grips the paper flat during feeding.

The skew correction function guarantees that all types of paper, including thick Fine Art papers, can be printed without misplacement as it is held tight to the platen with a vacuum grip, even in environments with factors of temperature and humidity.

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Precisely Fast
and Controlled

A smarter engine enables both high-resolution and high-speed printing in one fell swoop. Witness 32,256,000 ink droplets placed on the paper per second. The high-precision control engine processes massive volumes of image data, generates the printing data, and controls optimal ink layout for spectacular color, detail and density on high-resolution prints, at a rapid pace.

A 1.28” wide print head expands the printing area by 50% so that with each movement of the print head you gain greater efficiencies and faster speeds while producing a quality of print that is remarkable by any standard.

PRO-2000, PRO-4000, AND PRO-6000
  • Widths of Wonderful - The PRO-1000 offers a 17” wide printing area; PRO-2000, 24” PRO–4000 44”; and PRO-6000 60”
  • Multifunction Roll System - The optional, dual-purpose Roll System gives you great flexibility: twice the paper in endless color. *Included on PRO-6000
  • Display – 3.5” Color LCD Touch-Screen gives you easy fingertip control
  • Thumb Drive – When you need access on the fly and Wi-Fi and cords are inconvenient, plug a thumb drive with a JPG or PDF directly into the printer and let ‘er rip
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Make Art
Make More Prints

Preserve, display, and relive the magic of the moment from capture to output. Faithfully reproduce every nuance and color of the original scene for the absolute truest prints possible. This is the professional printer series that excels under expectation. Create stunning black and white prints, detailed graduations, and wide color gamuts that can reproduce the most difficult magentas and blues.

Award - The new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series printers have been honored as one of the featured selections in Professional Photographer magazine’s 2016 Hot Ones.

Print With a Printer That is Equally Obsessed

Isn’t it time you upgrade to the all new CANON imagePROGRAF PRO Series? The most pressing question for professionals who want sharp, bright, fast and obsessively beautiful prints to share with the world: how big do you want to go? The proof is in the print. Get yours today.

canon 2017 four printers